Taxi Hangout

Soli “TaxiBoss” Philander
The key to saving the world is community – we’re sure of it here at The Taxi. But a community almost always needs a brave and fearless leader. Enter the TaxiBoss, stage left. Soli Philander, stage and screen personality, motivator and inspirer, dreamer and believer, all round good egg. With a passion for technology as a way of making the world a better place, you’ll find him tweeting, blogging and making the kind of noise that you want to hear. A noise made up of words, ideas and a drive to live life and have fun while you’re doing it. Please note: without humour, we wouldn’t go anywhere and Soli personifies this absolutely. He’s the TaxiBoss and he drives this baby.

Roshan “WonderBra” Philander
Why WonderBra, you might ask, suddenly a bit confused. Simply put: lifts and supports. And Roshan Philander is nothing if not the legs of The Taxi table, keeping the car on the right road with the same easy grace she does everything. As intelligent as she is gorgeous, don’t let her lovely eyes and sweet voice fool you. This lady’s got plans to make to you dance, and moves and shakes with the best of them. Roshan knows all the things, and mixes that with two parts love for what she does, and one part love for clothes. Combined, you get a driven woman. Driven to what, you question? To make good on her dreams, that’s what.

Justin “TheStyleGuru” Peters
It was a fabulous man who said that fashion fades, but style is eternal. That’s because, as TheStyleGuru will tell you, it’s not just about what you’re wearing. And if you want a little panache and savoir faire added to your airwaves, then Justin Peters is the man with the goods. With a killer aesthetic and an eye for a good look, he’s like a breath of stylish air through every door. But if you think that’s all there is to it, you’d be thinking oh so wrong. Like everyone else on this team, Justin is sharp, up to date and possessed of informed opinions. He’s not afraid to point out the elephant in the room, and ask why nobody is talking about it.

Eugene “TheFirstLady” Mathews
Take a cup of beauty and add it to some concentrated grace. A side of rapier wit, sprinkled with wicked humour to go with that. Flavour with street cred, experience and an elegance that you just cannot deny and we’d like to welcome you to the world of TheFirstLady. Eugene Mathews (with one ‘t’, please) is an entertainer and he’d like to make you feel right at home. That is, of course, unless you wish to share your views on a particular topic, in which case, gird your loins because Eugene. Knows. His. Stuff. To go toe to toe with him is to invite the full presence of TheFirstLady. Best be prepared to bow at the waist and mind your P’s & Q’s.

Christian “BlackAs” Bennett
In a world gone mad, one man stands between humanity and the darker shadow of itself. He will fear no controversy and no topic is too taboo for talk. His words cut like knives and leave no room for faffing, while his actions speak louder, truer and more real. He is a man with a mission, a man with a purpose, a man… who will bring balance to the force. Christian Bennett is… BlackAs, and you best watch your mouth, son. Else he’ll wash it out with soap and teach you to talk right! When he’s not busy shattering the mold, Christian’s good for a game of pool and a chat about the finer points in life. A raconteur of the first class, he’s got stories to make your heart race.

Ronald “SparkPlug” Jones (variations: Sparky, The Sparky)

Have you ever wondered what a holy chorus sounds like? If so, ask Ronald Jones to sing for you. Because the SparkPlug has a voice like an angel and he will inspire all the feels in your heart with a song and a smile. In short, a man with a voice and you definitely want it pouring out of your speaks, or filling the room from the stage. And like the perfect cherry on top, Ronald is a nice guy. A genuinely nice person who is kind, who cares about things and has a nice word for anyone who wants it. With an impeccable taste in music you know you’ll like, along with a certain easy-going chutzpah that you cannot help but want on your radio, in your Twitter feed and all over Facebook. The best part is that when you meet him, you’ll not be able to hold in your smile.

The Taxi Tech
Where would any radio station be without someone looking after the sound of things? Nowhere, I tell you. The Taxi is no different and relies on the Taxi Tech to keep them in it orbit. So who are they? Well there is Caleb “BaseLine” Philander and Justin “SpareKey” Hagen. And what do they do? Why everything, of course. They are those crucial links in the chain that ensure that all the plugs are on, that the jacks are correctly in and that everyone’s USB is facing the right way up. And their motto? Relaaaax, everything is good.
… and what about The Detour?

I’ll tell you something – it ain’t a proper Taxi Trip without a little detour. You know – change the view every so often. On this Taxi, that happens when Steven Taylor comes around. With his ready humour and general good cheer, Mr Taylor is happy to show you the way whilst peppering the trip with facts about this and that, good music you know you’ll like and, of course, conversation, which is the bread and butter of this Taxi. So if we take a left turn we didn’t take before, sit back and enjoy because Steven’s got you covered.