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What We Want To Do At TheTaxi

The Taxi site is all about motoring news and since we have a young audience I just wanted to touch on the topic of the K53 learners test. A high proportion of drivers on South African roads do not have a valid driver’s license. This is a major issue and one of the important contributing factors to the high rate of road fatalities in the country.

If you have a look at the Arrive Alive website you quickly get an idea of some of the initiatives that are being undertaken to address this issue, but what we can do as South Africans is to take responsibility for our own actions. This means applying for a learners permit, passing the test, and then going for a legal, valid driver’s licence test.

This would have the effect of improving the safety standards on the road. One of the ways this is ensured is by the rigorous standards set for the learners licence that all South Africans who wish to have a driver’s license must go through. There are 3 sections and all have to be passed with over 90% of the questions answered correctly. This is really important as learners licence holders will have a much better idea of what is required for driving safely on the roads in South Africa.

And This Is How We Want To Do It

To make our living from our striving to bring meaning to existence. To earn our being in co-operation and co-creation with others. To selfishly do something for self by selflessly doing something for others. To strive to engage with the other as if engaging with self.

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The Taxi has come to be an expression in answer to this need and is the vehicle of choice for many looking for this more positive approach to interactivity. We conspire to willfully spread cheer, unashamedly bring encouragement where it is needed and brazenly shine the light where darkness seeks to prevail.

The invitation is to come be part of the Weaving. The idea being that if we all mindfully add our little strands of hope, flights of fancy and dreams of good things; if we reminded ourselves of the reward of respect, grace and compassion; if we learnt to listen with our hearts, shifted in our heads and were able to still the racing of our wants; if we could unstrap the rucksack of the past, shake of the shackles of the present and preclude a positive future; we will be led in the direction we require.

So much of The Taxi Metaphoric points to the quality of the journey. There can be no denying that nothing improves the quality of a journey more than like-minded companions. We may not be the companions you are looking for on your trip but there’s always the possibility that we might.

We like it here,

We hope you do,

Welcome… enjoy.